Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Edurevolution "Adopt One Career

Hi All,

During our learning phase we are usually confused on like :
·      What is a goal ? and if it is something, then what is our's?
·      Which subject will i take after my 10th class?
·      I am never in top 10 , but still can i clear IIT or AIIMS?
·      What is the way to prepare for competitive exams?
·      Do I need to choose Computer's/ Electronics....
·      What if I will not be an engineer, doctor, architect or a CA?
·      Can I get into the entrepreneurship?
·      My papa can't afford to get me into the GRE/ MBA, but I wanna do it....so How?
·      I tried a lot to get a job, can any one help me........

There are many career related questions which might come to our mind but remain unsolved...We tried by ourself and now at some good positions : excelling or frustrating with our jobs. But a 10% chance that if we got some professional guidance or help, then we may have excelled more....

There is one major drawback with our community that we keep our knowledge with us. Now if we are at some position then why can't we give back or share our knowledge with the budding generation.

Today average spending of middle class family on education is approx Rs 12 Lac , which an avg working person saves in 4.5 years.

But with no aim , no insurance and without any proper guidance.

   " Out of 15.5 Cr of students in India, 6.75 cr completes there graduation, only 22% succeed to reach near to there target and remaining 5.265 Cr missed it". Please provide light to one , and if succeed then he will light another.

Please " Share your knowledge to community, it costs you nothing but will give you immense pleasure that you had adopted one career".

Edurevolution and Edubhopal is launching a social Campaign , where we will be reaching to the students and parents,and making them aware that someone is there to guide you better . We, a group of entrepreneurs, have collected some funds to make this initiative a success. We don't require funds, but we request you all to please socially involve with us and guide one student Via Phone, messenger, Skype or any other media.

Only you need to do is give us your Name , Phone Number , Mail Id , Profession, and Company/Institute. We will match it with the  students profile and make you his/her mentor. He will then contact you back.
   Please forward it to your circle in community, company , friends and mark CC to edurevolution.sudeep@gmail.com

Orkut : Adopt One Career (Community)
Facebook : Edurevolution "Adopt One Career"

   Hoping to get back a positive response from all of you. 

Thanks and Regards,

Edurevolutiongroup & Edubhopal